I Hate Alcohol

In January, I received a phone call from the mother of one of my oldest friends, Mark.

Mark and I were partying buds back in the day. I haven’t spoken to him in at least fifteen years. His dad died from the effects of alcoholism in December.

The reason for his mothers call was because Mark had taken a turn for the worst since his fathers passing. He was very depressed and hitting the bottle hard.

As a result of the call I got together with her, Mark and the family on a few occasions since then. It was very obvious to me that the Lord was opening a door for me. Really, all I had to do was walk through it. Since January Mark got a DWI, and went to detox. He really wanted to quit drinking, but as you all know, without Jesus that can be a difficult proposition. This last Saturday, Mark got another DWI just days after his latest detox.

His mother is out of town on a vacation, so, at her request, I decided to get more involved. I quickly started “managing” the situation. I got ahold of his public defender and assisted with getting him some time for treatment. I made appointments at a detox facility, as well as a 21 day facility.

Then I made a call to U-Turn For Christ in Perris, CA. They had a spot for Mark, so I was off to the races! I booked two flights, car, hotel etc. We flew down Wednesday afternoon. I was thanking the Lord we had booked special music for that Wed. night so I didn’t really have to teach.

This whole thing was really wild for my buddy, he was thanking me, but obviously scared. U-Turn is a minimum 2 month commitment! Also, we found out right before we got on the plane that they would not allow smoking. In all of this Mark seemed to be reluctant, but willing nonetheless.

I didn’t know much about U-Turn, just that it was Christian, and Calvary Chapel related etc. I was blown away at the place and the folks there. Marks “intake” was so loving. He had lots of guys greet him while I was there, we attended a bible study, and I gave a short message. (ready in season, and out)

I have always been a “friend” of AA, and traditional methods of getting clean and sober. The Lord used that route in my life. I went to treatment when I was 21, got saved a year later and made the “one-step” program. Been with the Lord and at CC Everett/Lake Stevens ever since. I will follow up as this story unfolds.

I have made this as brief as possible, but wanted to set up a couple of questions:

1. Do you know of, or support any programs to assist men and women with addiction? Do you have the attitude that “It’s a disease and needs to be treated by professionals”, or “It’s sin, and needs to be repented of”, Or are you somewhere in the middle?

2. Do you have any loved ones that are addicts? Have you iintervened?

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