Mere Churchianity

I am in the middle of reading, and participation of an online dialogue about Michael Spencer’s “Mere Churchianity.” So far, it’s a pretty interesting read. The opening chapter begins with an encounter that Michael had as a young youth Pastor taking a rowdy group of teens to the local Dairy Queen. He writes about how the youth group under his careless oversight offended people rather than reflecting Jesus to those who were watching.

You can (and I recommend you do) read most of the first chapter here.

You can buy the entire book at Amazon.

After reading this first chapter, I was thinking about all the crazy things I did with our youth over the many years that I instructed them, hoping that I gave them Jesus, and not just “churchianity.”

Oddly, yesterday as I strolled down the aisle of our local Safeway, three excited teenage girls approached me with a video camera and asked, “Excuse me sir, do you happen to have a tampon?” One of the girls was carrying a sheet of paper, presumably a list… maybe some form of humiliating scavenger hunt? I played along nicely, “Uhh ya know, I usually carry one, but I do not seem to have one today.” (searching my pockets)

They giggled and ran off.

They seemed to be having a great time, I’m just hoping that they were not part of some church youth group. 🙂

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