We are in the middle of drivers ed at our house, both Gretchen and Abigail are learning to drive. They are taking a private drivers ed class with “Defensive Driving School.” The school is using a method that I have found pretty interesting called “street tag.” It’s a method , kind of a game, that helps the students identify potential hazards on the road. They are trained to call out things like, pedestrians, bicycles, and lane violators,… I like that one, they are called thieves. Small children are called out as “diaper snipers”… merging traffic is called “new fish in the stream”… so there is some humor involved as well.

There is a term called LSD that I have particularly liked, it stands for ‘limited sight distance.”

This morning we had a great object lesson on LSD.

As we were driving to class this morning,… only a half mile from our house, we came around a corner to discover a man convulsing in the middle of the road. It was a pretty terrible sight. We were the first on the scene, called 911, prayed for the man, etc. He was not breathing well, and was looking pretty blue. He had not been hit, he just looked like a man in his mid 40’s perhaps out for a summer walk.

He had been carrying some kind of green apple malt liquor wrapped up in a paper bag. Some guys who arrived on the scene spotted that, I had missed it. It just looked to me like a big energy drink. Right away they came to the conclusion that the guy was a drunk.

I was more charitable, perhaps sympathetic, thinking: “no, he’s out for a walk.”

When the paramedics arrived, they quickly attended to him. By then, he was breathing regularly and though still unconscious, was seeming to “come around.” They quickly identified him, one of the guys knew him, and said: “this happens all the time,… he drinks too much.” Evidently he likes to get hammered and walk around town.

I was pretty deflated hearing that. I had hoped for the best, but it turns out this guys story was just sad. But, it got me thinking as we pulled away, hearts still racing from adrenaline, about how I could use this as a “teaching moment.”

The obvious lesson for the young driving students was LSD- you never know what’s around the corner. If I had been texting, speeding, or any number of other things, I could have hit this man and killed him. So, I elaborated,… talking to the girls about how important it was to be aware of LSD, and to anticipate that which you cannot see,… pedestrians, children, deer, etc.

There is another lesson here for those who have LSD in regard to the things of life. It’s difficult to anticipate things around the corner, things you cannot see. Many of you who know me can anticipate what I am about to say… I won’t say it. I think the story makes it obvious, but maybe that’s just me. What do you think?


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