Worship at CCLS poll

I am thinking through a post on worship… what it is, what it isn’t. I am curious about what folks would want to change. I’m hoping to get input from CCLS folks, but open to outside input. -thanks!


6 thoughts on “Worship at CCLS poll

    1. I’m no bible scholar, but I like the way we worship. No ceramonies, no rituals, no Madison Avenue Slick Willy stuff. Just good old fashioned singing to the Lord, praising the Lord, bringing notice to the missionaries and reading his word. Changing it up is good once in a while, as long as the honest, sweet, simple fashion in which CCLS has fashioned itself continues to show through.

  1. I will actually post a serious response, even though the cowbell idea is worthy of all consideration. At a worship conference at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain just outside Atlanta, I think I heard one of the best explanations for worship I have heard. The youth pastor, Zach Adams was the speaker, and coming from a background where he experienced two different types of what he called “Worship Movements,” I thoroughly enjoyed the insight and wisdom he had. I’m sure one can find the sound clip on I-tunes or somewhere on the interent, it was in 2008. The jist of what he said was this, ” Worship is a response to our God and what He has done.” To me, so simple, but so true. Sometimes we praise Him for what He has recently done, other times we cry out because of what He has allowed in our lives, other times we are just in complete awe of His majesty, and the utterance of words are no where to be found. It is all a response to Jesus Christ, it is all to Him and for Him. At times it is out of obedience to the Lord, because He has called us to it, other times it is the out pouring of our hearts. I don’t believe in one way to do it, but I do believe in being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to guide our time of worship. I’ve been places where the pastor will tell the worship leader to come up after service and do a song or two, maybe to do the whole set after service because of how he feels the Lord is leading. Mixing it up is good, it keeps us from just following the motions and can keep things “fresh.” Honestly, as humans we make worship complicated, lets simplify it by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and all we do is respond to Him.

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