Mexican violence and the spirit of fear.

I am writing from Rosarito Mexico on the Baja, just southwest of Tijuana. I have been in Mexico for a week now, heading home soon. On this mission trip I have been in the company of murderers, adulterers, alcoholics, and addicts. Even one man who is contemplating another murder “for hire”…it evidently pays well.

Working with the churches in San Vicente, Ensenada, and Rosarito, it is so clear that the only hope for this country is Jesus. And the great news is that He is at work. Today, we were escorted two different times by guys that have been deported from the U.S. Both being felons. I didn’t ask what they had done in particular, because it didn’t matter.

I was thinking as one of the brothers was driving our van with two of my daughters, myself, and three others,… how amazing it was that I was perfectly at peace as he told us that he had only been out of prison for a short while. Jesus had redeemed another wasted life, thanks to Mike Vincent and the ministry of Calvary Chapel Rosarito.

One of the things that I am hearing repeatedly is how mission teams have really dropped off in the last few years. That has effected missionaries and churches in Mexico that rely on U.S. support. The violence is real in some areas, it has been very real in Rosarito, but that was 2008. Today, there is more police and military presence than I have ever seen in my 22 years visiting the country.

As a pastor and as a Christian, I do not understand how the church can dial back support during this time of what I think is overblown hysteria and fear. (I’m sitting outside by myself writing on my expensive Ipad. I have a couple hundred dollars in my pocket and I have no more fear than I would have at home.) I would not be doing what I doing right now in Seattle.

Mexico needs Jesus just like any other nation. It’s my hope and prayer that the church in the U.S. Will not be intimidated by murderers and thugs, and that we will continue to support the millions of great ministries serving the people of Mexico.

The border situation and the country will be changed one sinner at a time, just like always.


4 thoughts on “Mexican violence and the spirit of fear.

  1. I just came home from Rosarito yesterday. I dropped off my dear friend, Cindy, to her family as they are getting settled as missionaries in Rosarito as I write this. We all will miss them, but we know that thd Lord wants them there and will keep them in His perfect peace! As Cindy & I were at the Comercial Mexicana, we met two brothers from Calvary Chapel Rosarito, who were very encouraging. They even showed us the church – it was so great! Pray for this family as they get settled and start to reach out to the community. Jesus saves! Gloria a Dios!

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