Dragon Dictation

I wanted to write a review about an app for the iPad that I just downloaded. It’s called dragon dictation. I’m sitting in the park right now overlooking the Puget Sound here in Everett. And I am dictating this blog post, rather than typing. It’s absolutely incredible! The idea that I can simply launch the app and begin to speak and it types the whole thing for me and it seems to do it almost 100% flawlessly. I don’t know how I’m going to be using the app, but it is incredibly easy to use and since I’m not a very good typist I think I really enjoy using it . I’ve learned that it only takes short phrases probably a paragraph at a time and when mistakes are made you simply tap on a word or highlight a phrase and delete it . It is very simple to use and I can see myself using it a lot. Just another great reason to own an iPad.


4 thoughts on “Dragon Dictation

  1. Hey Jim…. THAT’S SO GREAT I Pod has an app you can use/buy like that…

    (…this thru my Droid, which came equipped standard ofcourse… :-))

    1. Oh… a Droid is a little gremlin thing that is trying real hard to be an I phone/pod/pad… anything! Doesn’t quite, but tries real hard…

  2. Dragon’s been around for over a decade. It’s a awesome app, Doug used it back when he attended the first CCBC @ Mountlake Terrace. Smart move on Apple’s part. Now to keep this from Doug, he already has more than enough reason to want on.

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