We had a great time of thanksgiving at church last night. it’s such a perfect Christian holiday. Being thankful to God is a state of perfection for believers. Like those perfect times of worship, you get the feeling,… “Hey, I was made for this!” It just fits.

I wonder when the godless influences in society will “get it” that thankfulness necessitates a benevolent benefactor-God and begin to oppose the holiday. What will they call the holiday created to thank God? Oh yeah, “Turkey Day” I forgot. How about,.. “Have a good thought day”, or “The Day Before Shopping Day,” or “Feasting Day?”

For now, we are allowed to keep “Thanksgiving” in the name, and I’m glad. Be thankful. Be thankful, even if you don’t know God, or have unanswered questions about God,.. Be thankful to Him for every good thing.


One thought on “Thanksgiving.

  1. Great reminded, Jim. I honestly believe that thankfulness is a key component in a healthy Christian life.

    Grace and peace…

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