HB 1366

HB 1366 to Shut Down Pregnancy Centers Proving once again that pro-abortion forces don’t like choice as much as they say they do, the Washington state legislature has renewed their effort to shut down the pregnancy resource centers in Washington that offer woman an alternative to abortion clinics. Here’s what you can do:
Call your legislators at 1-800-562-6000 and ask them to oppose HB1366 and SB 5274 Last year at the hearings, pro-life advocates outnumbered abortion industry employees by a ratio of at least 10 to 1. That was one of the primary reasons the bill was not passed. However, in order to prevent that from happening again, Big Abortion is working overtime to make sure that their representatives outnumber supporters of pregnancy centers. The bill (HB 1366) would do the following things:
1. It creates two classes of medical/pregnancy centers based on whether or not they provide abortion services.
2. Requires centers that do not provide abortion services to disclose that fact in five different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Cambodian, and Laotian) in 30 point font on the front door of the centers, and on any advertisement or notice promoting the centers services.
3. Creates regulations and liabilities associated with medical records that do not apply to any other medical/pregnancy centers in Washington State.
4. Creates a private cause of action (lawsuit) against pregnancy centers for violations of any of the above regulations. In lawsuits against pregnancy centers: (1) anyone can be an aggrieved party even if you have never been in or even seen a pregnancy center; (2) there is no need to prove damages; (3) those who sue a pregnancy center can collect legal fees from the center if they win; (4) but pregnancy centers cannot collect legal fees if they win.
In summary, this bill creates significant liability for non-profit, faith-based, pregnancy centers that receive no tax dollars and provide at least $16 million in free services to communities in Washington simply because they do not offer abortion services. The stated reason is that they are afraid that women who are looking for an abortion will go to one of these centers. Why the attention of the Washington State legislature is required to prevent that from happening is something each of us can ponder for ourselves.


2 thoughts on “HB 1366

  1. Went to the committee hearing yesterday (Jan. 24). We outnumbered the PP folks by at least 8 or 9 to 1. And quite possibly 10 to 1 – well over 600 people against the ridiculously one-sided bill. I counted less than 70 folks for the bill. 4 panels (2 from each side) presented testimony. The pro-pregnancy resource center side’s arguments were well reasoned and well presented. The other side …. not so much. If this were a debate, the pro-PRC side would have won hands down. Unfortunately, it’s not a debate. Call your legislators, especially those on the committee, which is expected to vote on it Thursday or Friday.

  2. Your point one is incorrect. The bill defines limited-service pregnancy centers as ones that provide no medical services. If they provide prenatal medical care, this bill does not apply. This bill does _not_ discriminate solely on the basis of whether abortions or abortion referrals are provided.
    If you do not believe me about the bill, go to the legislative website and read it for yourself.

    If you want to see the reason this bill was introduced, here it is: http://ppvw.org/pressReleases/LSPCReportWebFINAL.pdf

    According to this report, the majority of pregnancy centers visited provided false information to the women who called or visited.

    Providing medical records from these centers does not seem like onerous to me – it sounds like it would essentially be one sheet of paper with pregnancy test results. The testers in the above study were refused written test results.

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