Superbowl Sunday

I really don’t care all that much. It will be a fun day,
but the outcome will have zero impact on my life.

Who are YOU rootin’ for?


One thought on “Superbowl Sunday

  1. Bottom line to me – it is just another form of wordly entertainment and commercialism. Another form of an idol. Don’t like ‘porn sunday’ or whatever you called it – is it really that different? A matter of degrees I guess… Screwtape letters nailed it here as well I’m afraid. Imagine a church cramming the pews and actually acting excited and joyful for once. Giddy even. Jumping up and screaming. Why? Because on the big screen, some guy who spent his whole life dedicated to a silly sport and getting juiced on all sorts of performance enhancing drugs, expensive trainers, hours on end in the gym, and so on… got a little ball accross some line. Yippee.
    Then wrap the gladiator type event with as much sex, alcohol, and status symbols (expensive cars) – and the level of idolotry shoots up even more. Go Daddy commercials? Dorrito commercial with homo-erotic ‘humor’. Hey, if you laugh, it must be OK, right? Bring on the cheerleaders \ dance teams dressed more risque than many Vegas showgirls… How about a halftime show ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Is it any wonder the buzz at the office, on the radio, TV, etc is all about the ‘great commercials’ and all the scandal? Sucked in hook line and sinker.

    Hows that for a rant against a sacred cow 🙂

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