Martin Bashir Schools Rob Bell

Bashir begins by attempting to get Bell to answer a nonsensical question about God that reminds me of the junior high question, “does your mom know that you are gay?”
“Is God all powerful, but He doesn’t care about the people of Japan, or does He care, but is not all powerful?” Bell shrugs that one off, too bad he didn’t have anything biblical to say, like the fact that Jesus told us in advance about these things. But, then Rob doesn’t like to say what the bible says.

Then Martin really takes Bell to task over his new book “Love Wins.” Bell denies being a universalist, but clearly he does not believe what the bible teaches about salvation and eternal punishment. This is a sad interview, reminiscent of Larry King interviewing Joel Osteen.

I think Bashir nails Rob at the end of the interview with, “how much of this book is you working out your own childhood experience, brought up in a fairly cramped evangelical family…?” Rob’s respose should have been, “all of it.”

Rob Bell is an embarrassment.

Rob is the Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grandville, MI.

UPDATE: Bashir calls Bell Evasive & Disingenuous… this a great interview on Paul Edward’s radio program here.


One thought on “Martin Bashir Schools Rob Bell

  1. Absolutely rediculous. The Bible says to be angry and sin not. I get angry when people who call themselves pastors attempt to change the gospel message. I John – they went out from among us to prove that they were never with us. For had they been of us they would have remained with us (my paraphrase).

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