Accidental Tenderness

Yesterday, curiosity got the best of my eleven year old daughter Grace. She was intrigued by the new fillet knife that was in it’s plastic sheath sitting on the kitchen window ledge. Temptation is a strange thing.
We are often allured by what can harm us.

When I got the call from Lori, that she had cut herself playing with it, I knew exactly what had happened… as she pulled it out of the sheath with her right hand, she drew the blade across the palm of her left hand.
I shivered when I thought of how razor sharp that dang thing is. It worked great to fillet my freshly caught steelhead,… and now my little girl.
It wasn’t too bad, it was clean and not too deep, thankfully.

This morning, getting her ready for school was a different experience. She needed more help with one hand in bandages. I got to wash her hair. This is something that I haven’t done in years. I have to say, it was delightful having her walk me through the process of how she wanted it done. I made sure that the water was the right temperature, careful to avoid soap in her eyes and ears… and I received instruction on the fine art of using conditioner -something I was unaware of. 🙂 It was a sweet and tender morning, one of the best ever.
And,… yes, she got on the bus on time and with proper prayers.

I thought about how her simple mistake created a glorious and tender morning for us, and I was thankful to the Lord. I thought about the breakfast on the shore of the Galilee with Jesus and Peter.

Later, I had a friend of mine, with whom I have had a bit of relational strife, accidentally “pop-up chat” with me on Facebook. Seems he was looking to chat with another Jim. It was an accident that turned into an encouraging little conversation. Not long, but good. Meaningful to me, and I think, him.

“God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God” –Romans 8:28

Even things that seem like tragedies or mistakes, God can make good.
I’m thinking about Easter.


2 thoughts on “Accidental Tenderness

  1. I liked this. There is something really special and , well…tender is a great word, about this. It reminded me…something you may not know about me but I’ve been a hairdresser since the 80’s (I know…i know…). One of the unforseen benefits of this skill set is the priviledge of cutting my family’s hair (saves tons of $$ too!!). One of the greatest moments I’ve had in my life is cutting my grandfathers hair before he passed away. He was very old and not much hair (of course) but the honor of serving my Gpa in this way before he passed was and is one of my greatest memories. Thanks for sharing, JIm. You reminded me of a great moment in my life too. Blessings!

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