…More Thoughts On Bin Laden #osamabinladen

1. Print media is dead. I’m sure some people will collect and save todays edition of newspapers… perhaps they will be meaningful in 100 years. But the news travels at the speed of the click these days. I heard via text, monitored cable, the web, and twitter for all of the breaking news. Stop the presses.

2.  Geraldo looked like a fool. I could not believe how jubilant he was with the crowd he was covering, he was like a school girl who just made the cheer squad. I switched it after he began to interview another “mustache in the crowd.” Please, get rid of him already. He also had this major gaff:

3. Americans can be just as crazy as the Muslim extremists that we consider wack. The frenzied partying, flag waving, and the rest made me sick. Yes, it looks like we took out public enemy number one, I think we are all glad. But it is hardly time to celebrate. Osama was only one extremist in a sea of tens of thousands who will likely replace him. He will be looked at as a martyr by his radical brethren.

4. This too shall pass. After 911 the cry was “We Will Never Forget”… some won’t, but most of the country was willing to forget pretty quickly. We are tired of TSA being too intrusive,… and enough of the war, and the gitmo thingy, and can’t we all just understand each other and… get along? The Donald will say something to distract us soon enough. Unfortunately it won’t be “you’re fired.”

5. Four more years. President Obama was elected on the premise that he was going to close down Guantanamo and bring the troops home. He has done neither. People who voted him into office will likely vote for him again, and the killing of Osama, and his taking credit for it, will garner him a fair amount of votes from the right. My guess is, we will be reminded over and over that “he gave the orders.” (Think John Kerry)

6. There will be retaliation. It took us ten years. It may take them a while, but Muslim extremists will not stop, they have been attacking the west for a long time, and it will continue. This is the faith of Islam, to conquer/convert the world. Don’t be fooled, jihad is not “a personal struggle” it’s holy war!

What do you think of what I think?


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