What’s at the end of your rope? (Part 2)

Here are some thoughts from Wednesday night’s FORUM study…

In our series on Wednesday nights, we have been reading about the life of David in 1 Samuel.
We just finished the last few chapters last night, 5/11/11, and I wanted to recap some of the really great lessons contained in chapters 30-31. If you are interested, you’ll want to read Part 1 here.

We have the great line in chapter 30, verse 6, “But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.”
Up to this point, we have seen Davey doing some pretty bonehead things. He is walking in unbelief,… meaning he is not trusting God, but simply relying on his own best judgement. We should all be able to identify with that!
However, things are about to change. David has come to the end of his rope. By the grace of God, David yields under the pressure, he does not give up, but he breaks, and returns to his “first love.” In terms of how we would describe this in our lives,… I would say David repents, he turns back to God.
What we see in the verses that follow, is a miraculous recovery.
Here is the “order of events” as I see them:

1. David strengthen’s himself in the Lord (repents) –1 Sam. 30:6
2. David call for the priest and seeks the Lord’s will regarding direction – 1 Sam. 30:7,8
3. God answers David – 1 Sam. 30:8
4. David obeys God’s instructions – 1 Sam. 30:9
5. We see David being gracious and tender (fruit of repentance) – 1 Sam. 30:12
6. God miraculously provides assistance with what we might call military intelligence – 1 Sam. 30:11-15
7. God gives David complete victory and restores everything that had been taken and much more. – 1 Samuel 30:17-20
8. We see David exercise divine wisdom in how he treats his men. – 1 Sam. 30:21-25
9. David gives God the glory – 1 Sam. 30:23
10. David unprecedented generosity, in dividing up spoil with the entire land. – 1 Sam. 30:26-31

Here is the point, and again, I think that this is an awesome, and foundational lesson,… when David repents and obeys, everything changes for him. He is changed, and there is immediate fruit.
When david got to the end of his rope, what he discovered (again) is that God is faithful!
One can never underestimate the value of repentance, and of seeking strength from the Lord.
You do not have to wait until you are “in a bind” to do that.
Now is always a good time.


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