Chuck Trumps Coolio Every Day

During the opening session of the CCSPC, Pastor Chuck Smith had one of those moments that every teaching pastor has had… he read an entire passage before he realized that he was reading the wrong passage, his notes were hosed, or whatever… he clearly had a senior moment. I’m sure everyone in the room cringed and had a wave of that feeling that only comes while it’s happening to you. I loved it. At that moment, I identified with him,… he’s just like me. Well kinda.
He dresses like a normal guy, he isn’t overly concerned about his hairstyle :-), he isn’t obsessed with a girlish figure, and he makes mistakes, even while teaching. When he teaches, I think,.. “I can do that” – he inspires me, not to be something that I am not, I can’t be like all the coolio guys… but I can teach the scriptures the way Chuck does, plodding-chapter-by-chapter, and over time, perhaps, I will have a tenth of the depth, and I dream of an inth of the fruit.
Smart guys, cool guys, take your shots at him, mock him for all his shortcomings, he’s a man.
He’s a man God has chosen to use.
Yes, I confess, I wanna be like that.


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