Let The Attacks Begin…

I just got back from a great week of inspiration. There were many great lessons at the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor’s Conference, but the best part by far was seeing my comrades, and spending a lot of time with my buddy Brett. I sense a new direction in my own life, and for the life of Calvary Chapel Lake Stevens, and my prayer is that God will lead and direct what He wants to do in the coming weeks, months, and years.
I spent a good deal of time this week personally repenting of a few things, and asking for a renewed filling of the Spirit and His work in myself as well as the church. I came home with great enthusiasm.

Strike one…
I was greeted by one lengthy email taking me to task over some things that I said last Sunday. I reviewed the comments with an open heart, and recalled both what I said, and what the text said. I don’t think the criticism was warranted.

Strike two… 
As I was debriefing with my wife, she told me of a conversation that she had with a brother who had visited CCLS recently. He was very critical. I won’t go into great details, but they were things I’ve heard before, “you don’t ____________” -fill in the blank really… “have good worship, don’t stand enough, dress too casual, are not friendly, didn’t do an altar call, etc.” People have a long list of complaints about what we don’t do, that they feel strongly that we need to do. Unfortunately, the consumer view of church is always like that, some people are never happy. 🙂 Calvary Chapel is not perfect, but it’s my family. Family that I love. Don’t dis my family,… bro.

I have come to expect these kinds of distractions when I come down off of a week like this. Often after mission trips, or other special “mountain top” times, there are “attacks” that come. They are purposed to steal joy and zeal. I don’t think for a minute, that they are designed by the people for that, they are just voicing their opinions, and some may be valid, but the enemy loves to use them for his purpose. He is a thief and a liar.

-Not this time baby, I’m on fire.




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