The Devil’s Method: “Truth & Lie Mixed.”

Wednesday night in our 2 Samuel study, we were in chapter 16 and looking at David’s detractor Shimei.
Shimei cursed David, and threw rocks and dirt at him. I asked this question as it relates to Shimei and the devil, “what does the devil whisper in your ear when he wants to discourage you?”

If you think about it, he has a few lines probably, that when whispered in your ear by an unwitting fool, can really cause you to lose confidence.

David was in the midst of being really pressed by God. He was in decline, getting old, and weary from the fallout of his own failures as a man, as a king, and as a father.
What the enemy accused him of was true.
He called him a man of bloodshed. He called him a worthless fellow.
David had killed Uriah, he was a murderer.
David was an adulterer, bad father, bad husband, and more, -yes, “worthless fellow” applied.

However, after saying things that were true, Shimei goes on to make conclusions that were not, this is an often practiced method of the devil. In verse 8, Shimei blames David for the death of Saul and the subsequent downfall of house. This was the Lord’s doing, not David’s. David had been righteous regarding Saul, trusting God with his enemy and his future. Shimei further accuses David of somehow usurping the throne… “in whose place you have reigned” making accusation that his kingship was illegitimate. This was a great lie. David was God’s appointed and anointed king.

What Shimei, and guys like him, inspired of the devil, don’t understand, is that it is not our actions or achievement that qualify us for God’s blessing, it’s a work of grace. True, David did not deserve the blessings that were his, but they were his nonetheless… by grace. God blessed David the believer.
If you are a believer, hold on to the promises of God in the face of your accuser, you have “an advocate, Jesus Christ the Righteous!” –1 John 2:1


Don’t listen to the enemy, believe God.


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