Dear Perry Noble: Motives Matter.

“Every once in a while I have this thought: We gotta piss off the religious people. How we gonna do that?”
Perry Noble Pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson SC.

I was reading the controversy over at Pyromaniacs and this quote just stuck out to me.
It reminded me about something else that I heard that a local pastor had said about the volume of worship music at their church, something to the effect of “I want it so loud that we offend the old people.”

In the video of Perry Noble, he goes on to make fun of old “religious people” apparently.
Since when, did older, sincere, conservative christians, become the target of ridicule and scorn by their brethren? Does this in any way reflect the heart of Jesus? It seems I read something, somewhere, about how to treat older people.

As Christians, our calling in this world is to love people. Even people who are our enemies, I think that includes people who are different from us, or that we don’t really like. Doesn’t it? Perry?
I think Jesus is pretty clear about that. At times we do have to speak difficult things with one another, even rebuke at times, but I have never once read anything about seeking to offend anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Jesus rebuked religious people, He sought to offend them because they were trusting in their religion and not God. Jesus did so with ultimate authority, but He also had ultimate humility -something that seems to be missing in the rockstar pastor movement.

My question is, “Why do people show up and support guys like this?”
I don’t get it.


2 thoughts on “Dear Perry Noble: Motives Matter.

  1. I met Perry at a conference where he worked very hard to get on the stage with the “cool” & “hip” pastors. He is is under the delusion that there is only one way to do church…the way he does it. I’m sure he is a good man at heart, but right now he is very focused on getting to be the guy invited to speak at conferences so he can brag about putting more butts in the seats.

  2. I don’t think you should waste your time looking into these things–it is a waste of time and you could spend your time more wisely. You don’t know his heart just like he doesn’t know yours. Be worried about your own walk and how to positively impact others encouraging them in the Lord. You offend people too, maybe you should think about that and not worry about Perry.

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