Technology and the small world.

I awoke this morning at about 3AM Moscow time. So, I guess I slept in until 4PM according to my body clock… which is entirely messed up at this point. I actually couldn’t wait to get up because I was craving a cup of coffee. I made my way down stairs (staying at the CC dorm outside of Moscow) by using the light of my iPhone. Thanks Apple. I was enjoying my cup of coffee, thanks to Starbucks Via Italian Roast and going over my notes for bible studies this week, when I got a text that we were having puppies!
I just watched the live birth of puppy number 8 via Skype, and just received a text that number 9 arrived while I am writing this!
Technology, for all of its distraction is an amazing thing. I am over 6,000 miles from home but I was still able to participate in a great event at home.
Though I am not “there” it was real enough to make me cry.
I thank God for these tools that he has given man to make the world more of a community.
Today we will tour Red Square and other sights in Moscow, and I will post pictures on Facebook.
Love you all, pray for us. We fly to Omsk late tonight.



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