2012 Forecast.

Two-thousand-eleven was a wild ride. We had a pretty wet and cold spring, barely any summer (bummer), and our wet and cold fall was a whirlwind of activity for my family and I. Lori and I celebrated our twentieth year of marital bliss, with what I think is our best year yet. I was blessed to be able to take a fishing trip of a lifetime with a couple of buddies, to Kyuquot, on Northern Vancouver Island. We had a great family vacation with friends in Canada (eh). And ended the year with a great trip to Russia, enjoyed the best concert of my life thanks to The Choir and Kerosene Halo, nine new puppies, and a new church plant in Arlington -who knew, right?

What is in store for twenty-twelve? Here is what I think I know:

• We are seeing God bless our new church plant. We had eighty persons at our second Sunday morning service, and we are moving on to a larger facility. I forecast more of the same.

• We have a Presidential race that will generate a lot of buzz. I have no confidence in anyone being able to get us out of the tailspin we are in. I forecast a lot of bickering and few actual solutions.

• Our beloved Pastor Chuck Smith announced today that he has lung cancer. I’m praying that the Lord heals him, but I forecast a bit of change coming for our tribe.

• The Mayans predicted the end of the world in December… didn’t we have a prediction in twenty eleven that turned in to a huge embarrassment for one Harold Camping? I forecast that the world will come to an end when the Lord decides He is finished with it. I think He still has work for us to do, and I intend on keeping after it till He comes for me.

• I am going to continue teaching the word of God, and preaching the gospel of Jesus to as many people who will listen to me do just that. I forecast that some will. 🙂

• My wonderful girls will all advance a year in age, bringing grief to my heart, as I see them growing toward independence. I forecast that they will each make me cry this year.

• Lori and I will spend this year loving each other and serving Jesus together. Through good times and bad.
I forecast more good times than bad, -I hope I’m right.

• Alcohol will be more available in more retail locations in WA State this year, and the pot-heads will give legalization another go-round. I forecast more lives ruined. I guess that is job security for guys like me, because we have the only real solution.

• We have seen a lot of natural disasters in the last several years, both nationally and internationally. I forecast that we will see them increase in twenty twelve, as we move closer to the Lord’s return. 

Have a great new year my friends. Trust Jesus, and hold fast. If you do, I forecast that you will make it.


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