American Pickers & Repurposing

While watching the show “American Pickers” on the History Channel recently, I saw Mike and Frank come across an old barn hay carrier. This was a piece of machinery, now outdated, that used to help farmers lift and haul bales of hay into the barn. It was now just an old, rusted, piece of steel. But of course, in the eyes of these guys, there was profit in this antiquated old tool. They used an interesting term in the discussion of it, they said it could be “repurposed” -that it might be fashioned into a lamp, or some other decorative piece of useful furniture.
It is an interesting concept, that something used for one thing, and one thing only, might be cleaned up, and used for something entirely different, at a later time. I marveled at the creativity and wisdom of these “pickers.”

I thought about this as I was looking at our lessons this week at Calvary Arlington. In Matthew’s gospel, at the end of the fourth chapter, we see Jesus repurpose men as he calls a group of fishermen to follow Him. These young men: Peter, Andrew, James, and John, were fishermen. No doubt fishing was pretty much all they knew, and all they had been raised to do. But when Jesus calls them, He takes their determination to “catch fish” and gives them a different intention -to catch men. He says, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

This is what the Lord does with each of us. He may not take us out of our vocation, or position in life, but He repurposes us, giving us a different intention. Consider what you do with your life, whether you are an accountant, electrician, housewife, or construction worker,… Jesus wants you to be that for Him. Or maybe He will take you out of one purpose and give you an entirely new and different one, one that is useful to Him.

These fishermen, like the mute piece of outdated metal, share some common, characteristics. They are both useful in the Master’s hands, they are both willing to be used like clay in the potter’s hands, and they will both be put on display, giving their designer glory.

Have you been repurposed? Are you willing to be repurposed?


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