The Weight Of Sin

I am sitting here in my living room studying, drinking coffee, and enjoying the beautiful scenes of winter.
Today it is warming up a bit, and the snow is beginning to melt. As it is melting, the branches of trees are bouncing back into place as they are released from the heavy blankets of wet snow.
Over the last few days, many branches have given out under the weight of the snow. We have heard many loud cracks as they yielded to the weight. We lost about half of our wonderful, mature, willow in the backyard. I’m kinda sad about that, it was a beautiful tree. It will not be what it once was.

I was thinking about these things and recognized a great truth about sin. It covers us and weighs us down, just like the snow on the branches. While there is hope of recovery from a season of sin, there will also be scars. There will be those who do not recover, but die. If the snow would have ceased after the first day, if it had been checked, the damage would have been less severe. So, too if sin is arrested, often times we can avoid severe casualties. Sin is real, the damage from it is real, and it would be good if we could bounce back from it earlier.

Jesus came and preached the gospel of peace, but it is preceded by the call to repentance. Turn from your sin and follow Christ. He bears the scars on your behalf. If you choose to disbelieve Him, to walk in sin, like the branches breaking under the weight of the snow, you will be broken under the weight of your sin.


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