Vision Limiting

I was sitting in Costco the other day with two thirds of my family. We were enjoying the dollar and fifty-cents hotdog and soda special… all four of us ate for just over six dollars. Not bad.

As we were choking down our Polish dogs, Grace asked, “Dad, what would you do if someone gave you this building?” People ask how the girls are doing, and how our move from Calvary Chapel Lake Stevens, to church planting in Arlington has effected them – this is an indicator. (Eleven year old girls don’t ask questions like that typically, and yes, I’m an authority.) Nevertheless, it’s sparked a kind of junior-high-ish discussion of what I would do with the building. Have you ever day-dreamed about what you would do with your Lotto winnings? Yeah, it was kinda like that, only out loud. Church, School, Skate Park, Coffee Bar, Apartments, Concert Venue,… yep, all these things came to mind.


I have to say, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. C:A is  meeting in a great facility, but it’s pretty limiting as far as ministry that most of us are used to. We have it for four hours on Sunday morning. I would like to be able to have a midweek study, prayer meetings, an office away from home, and much more. I am learning that these things are not necessary to having a healthy church group, but it is something we kinda get used to in our American church culture. One thing I have learned, and am learning, is that the Lord can do whatever He wants. Someone recently made fun of me for looking into meeting areas that C:A cannot really afford. There was a supposition that I was not content.
That made me mad.
I am not going to limit what God can do by lacking vision and faith in His ability.
But, at the end of the day, He does limit and control what we can do.
He, and He alone, is the vision limiter.

Grace’s follow up question was one that really brought me back to earth. She asked: “what would this building cost?”  I took a quick look around, thinking I needed to sound reasonably smart… “I have no idea, maybe fifty-million, one-hundred-million, I have no idea.” “Oh, I was thinking maybe five-hundred-thousand” was her reply.” She dropped the discussion and it quickly went on to some other something else important, but I was left thinking, “what’s the difference between five-hundred-thousand and one-hundred-million?”

Is my God limited? No. Am I limited? Yes. But, is my vision supposed to be limited to what I think I can do? If it is, I quit. If your God is limited, you should too.

He, and He alone, is the vision limiter.


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