Why I Support Referendum 74

Any time a pastor or church gets involved in what are labeled as political issues, there is usually some push-back, from friends and foes alike. There are those who say that is an unnecessary offense, and not part of the “mission of the church.” Others simply disagree with the position that the pastor or individual takes.
So, why take up any “political” issue, and why this one?
Here is my response:

Marriage is biblically and historically defined as a God-ordained institution and covenant between a man and a woman. In a free society where we have the right and ability to influence legislation, I find it to be shameful to not stand up for the biblical definition of marriage as it has existed since the beginning of time. From where I sit, this is not a political issue, it is a moral one, being decided in the political arena.

The family (one man, one woman, children) is the foundation of society, and in spite of troubles with marriage in general it is important to maintain the fabric of society that it brings. Every study of the family proves this to be true. Redefining marriage will come with educating public school children to accept the new definition, adding confusion and damaging the future of the foundation of the family.

To be against the redefinition of marriage is not to be against homosexual couples. Though I disagree with homosexual practice, I am not against homosexual individuals, I think a distinction can be made.
I do not seek to take away any rights or privileges from homosexuals, nor do I seek to dictate to them how they should live. The offense is actually the reverse.

Currently, Washington State law provides for civil unions, enabling homosexual couples to enjoy many of the same legal and financial benefits of married couples, I think that is enough. Should SB 6239 be enacted, current civil unions would be dissolved, forcing couples to then be married if they would seek the same privileges that they currently enjoy.

If you believe in the biblical definition of marriage, you should sign Referendum 74 and Initiative 1192.
Let’s not redefine marriage in Washington State.


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