My Boy Mason

Today I am going to read with a young boy named Mason. Every week I get the privilege of going to the school that our church rents, and participate in their reading program. It’s the simplest, most wonderful part of my week. All I have to do for a half hour is listen and encourage.

Listen, means I’m following along, not leading, not teaching, but letting him work out the words, with only occasional help from me.

Encourage, means I’m helping, there by his side, saying stuff like “way to go,” and “good job.” (Secretly, I’m praying for him and his family, but it’s a public school, so don’t tell anyone, as I’m sure it’s illegal.)

I think about how Jesus has this kind of ministry with us. He listens, He encourages. The Holy Spirit is literally “one called alongside to help.”

When we are serving, we can be accomplishing a work just like the Lord.
I wanna be like Him.

• Find someone to listen to today. Don’t talk, just listen.
• Find someone to encourage today. Don’t correct, just encourage.


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