What Will Heaven Be Like?

This is a question that has occupied the thoughts of many since the beginning of time. “What will it be like when I get to heaven,” “Will I see my friends?”
Last week I had an experience that I think gave me insight into one aspect of eternity that I want to share with you.
I was at a wedding.
As I prepared for the wedding, I had thought about people I would see, it gave me joy to anticipate seeing old friends, some that I hadn’t seen in over a decade.
As my family and I entered the church, and were lining up to go into the sanctuary, from across the room I made eye contact with an old friend. He was the brother of the father of the groom. For some reason, as I had considered who I would see at the wedding, I completely forgot about this old friend. So, seeing him was a pleasant surprise. What was even more pleasant was the way, from across the room, he greeted me. It was a look of joy, from someone truly delighted to see me. It was a childlike look.
In that moment, even before words were exchanged, it was like our relationship was instantly rekindled like a gasoline generated fire.
Though it had been 15 or more years since I had seen this dear brother, it was like we had never been apart.
There was no remembrance of what we had been doing or saying when we were last together. It seemed as though time had erased everything except a simple and pure love. There was joy, uncontaminated joy.
This is what heaven is going to be like.
Every hurt, every emotional barrier, every earthly separation, will be done away with, and all will be replaced with the childlike joy of a grand reunion of loved ones.
… And then we will see Jesus face to face.

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