Don’t Be A Bad Wife. -Part II, Michal

But when David returned to bless his household, Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet David and said, “How the king of Israel distinguished himself today! He uncovered himself today in the eyes of his servants’ maids as one of the foolish ones shamelessly uncovers himself!” –2 Sam 6:20

David had been rejoicing before the Lord in dance as the ark of the covenant returned to Jerusalem –something worthy of celebration. David celebrated in a way that Michal perceived as beneath David’s royal position.

David got it right, and Michal got it wrong.

He understood, that even as king of Israel, God was his King, and worthy of not only a royal processional, but of humble worship. David was worshipping God, and that, with abandon.
For Michal, who had been influenced by her now deposed father, humble worship was foreign to her, and she despised her husband, the king, for his dance of praise.

Worship is the one right thing for all men and women. Do you know that? It is the one thing that is really necessary. Remember Mary and Martha? Jesus commended the one who sat at His feet and worshipped Him.
It is that moment when we bow to God, acknowledging who He is, and who they are before Him.
I wonder how many trials of life would dissolve, if we would take that position more often, even as a lifestyle.
Something I have noticed over the years, is how many Christian men refuse to sing to Jesus during worship at church, -seemingly afraid to look or sound foolish, perhaps afraid to engage on en emotional level.

I’m sure very few Christian women would be like Michal, despising their husband for worshipping God.
However, it is possible, to hinder them in other ways. Do you quickly yield when your man wants to serve at church at the expense of time with you and the family? Do you support him fully, or is your own neediness your priority? I’ll let you in on a secret,… if you support your husband in every spiritual pursuit, you will have a better husband. The question is, do you trust the Lord enough to release him to worship? Try commending him, even encouraging him to serve, to be involved, to go on retreats, etc…. yes, at your emotional expense.

I’m not advocating that husbands abandon or neglect their wives,.. in no way do I support that. But when a man  begins to make the Lord more of a priority in his life, his partner should wholeheartedly support that -even if it costs her some of his time and attention.

Worship by it’s very nature takes the priority off of us and our needs, and puts it on God, who is worthy of our praise, and sacrificial attention.

How sad that David’s day of happy celebration ended with this kind of insensitive and heartless reception from his own wife, but often God’s servants go quickly from the glory of the mountain to the shadows of the valley.—Wiersbe

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