Abe Lincoln, F-Bombs, & 1974

Today I’m feeling like an old codger. Forgive me.
I’ve been looking forward to seeing the latest Spielberg movie, “Lincoln.” I had commented while watching a preview a few days ago, that I anticipated that Hollyweird would mess with this American icon in some way, that’s what they do. Yesterday, I read this report from the Hollywood Reporter entitled “Lincoln’ Cussing: What the F@*&! Is Up With This S#@?!.”
I guess that’s my answer. Who knew that old Abe was a foul mouth. (read my sarcasm folks)
The report quotes historian David Barton as he points out that soldiers during the Civil War were court-martialed for using profanity. It is highly unlikely that President Lincoln used profanity.
Hey, but who cares, right?

I was also having an interesting back and forth on Facebook, that led to a recollection of my childhood, growing up in Eastern Washington.
An old friend brought up 1974 specifically, and was recalling childhood days in elementary school. (Can you hear the wonder years theme song?)
She said something about snowballs.
My daughter was laughing through the comments on my Facebook thread when she came to that comment and asked, “you got to throw snowballs at school? We couldn’t even touch the snow.”
I related to her briefly what it was like, back in the day. We probably didn’t get away with throwing snowballs, but we used to have fun. I remember waxing my shoes to slide on sheets of ice during recess in winter.
I remember making gigantic snowmen in the school yard as well.
My daughter had a look of astonishment. “Really?” she asked. Yup.

Kids used to have fun. And we thought Abe Lincoln was an American hero.
We also didn’t call our teachers by their first names, we certainly didn’t swear at them.
And, you know what was hanging on the wall in the principal’s office?
A paddle. I hear he used it on occasion -something he would go to jail for today.

Ah, progress.

I say bring back the discipline and get rid of the profanity.


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