Taking Responsibility

As America sifts through the emotions and thoughts about the recent tragedies in Newtown CT, Portland, OR, and Aurora, CO, there is a mad scramble to attempt to affix blame. We want answers, we want solutions, and we wants someone to take the blame –or do we? The President has stated, that he will use the powers of his office to do whatever he can to fix the problems. This likely means stricter gun control and reduced freedoms for law abiding citizens. This won’t fix anything, but it will look good.

Meanwhile, Hollyweird is defending it’s rights to make money off of ultra violent movies. Director Quentin Tarantino say’s “give me a break” regarding his continued production of increasingly ultra-violent filth. He certainly isn’t going to take responsibility. You have Actors like Jamie Foxx, joking about his upcoming Tarantino production, Django Unchained” saying: “I get to kill all the white people, -how great is that.” He certainly isn’t going to take responsibility. And of course, Tom Cruise, ever the religiously concerned profiteer, continues to promote his violent film, with just a little scrubbing up of the promotion. He certainly isn’t going to take responsibility.

Is Hollyweird to blame for gun violence, or the escalation of violence in society in general? I don’t think so, but they are a contributing factor. There are probably many contributing factors. We live in a society that has devalued life, devalued family, devalued marriage, and elevated the most morally bankrupt to the status of gods.

Now, it’s easy to give at least some blame to these icons of entertainment, but don’t look for them to own up to any responsibility any more than the politicians that they support. Politicians will be unwilling to do anything substantive to change the moral climate in America, because the guys that send them the money are the ones that are shaping that climate. Here is the real question, who sends the money to Hollyweird?

This holiday season, millions of individuals and families around the country will go to the movies. Many will choose to see ultra-violent movies as a form of entertainment. When we do that, we are telling them to “keep it up” -and they will, as long as we pay them. Take responsibility people, we are all to blame.

As a people, we should repent of our fixation with sex and death as entertainment. As Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” These are simply the gods of old, repackaged in celluloid, and we continue to bow down.


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