Rejection: On What Grounds?

For a brief moment, the world remembers the risen Savior. Perhaps you went to church, but it had no impact on you. Perhaps at an Easter celebration, a family member said something. You may have had a thought, a recollection, of what the Easter message really is.
Did you believe?
I came across this plea from M. Lloyd-Jones this morning. The question cannot be asked any more directly than this:

What can you reasonably say against the person of the Lord Jesus Christ? What have you got against Him? Look at that young man working as a carpenter in Palestine. Look at Him at the age of 30, beginning to preach. Follow Him along, look into His eyes, come near Him as the people did -what is your objection to Him? What is lacking in Him? What is wrong with Him? Did He come into the world to blast it and destroy it? He spent all this time healing people, talking to the outcasts, sitting down and eating and drinking with the tax collectors and sinners. Look at Him; read the record. Tell me in the name of reason, what have you got against Him? Look at this unique personality who still dominates the whole world. Even the world that rejects Him cannot get rid of Him. Look at Him-what possible objection can there be to the Lord Jesus Christ? I would like to know on the grounds of reason what that objection is.


2 thoughts on “Rejection: On What Grounds?

  1. Appreciate the article. Even skeptics who I talk to about the gospel never comment negatively about the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, they always agree that others should live like He did. They just don’t want to believe that He is the Savior and Lord over all of creation. Keep praying and sharing the gospel.

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