My Loaded Gun (relax, it’s a metaphor)

For years now, I have left my loaded gun in a safe. It’s been locked away, kept safely out of sight, but always at the ready. Lately, I’ve been searching the scriptures (after all, I am a christian), and I don’t find any passages that would lead me to believe that I need to keep my loaded firearm locked up. I legally own my guns, and I have certain rights and privileges as an American citizen.
I’ve decided to exercise my rights. I’ve decided to stop being afraid so-to-speak and enjoy my liberty. From now on, I am going to keep my loaded gun on the coffee table, visible and ready to use, should the need arise.

I know, I know, you will be surprised, some of you will think I am being ridiculous, dangerous, etc. After all I have a child at home, and sometimes we have guests over who have even younger children.
I think your nay-saying is just that. It would be better if these kids grew up around loaded firearms -that would teach them to “respect the gun”, and learn to be “responsible” with the gun. After all, responsibility with the loaded gun is the goal. I can think of no better thing than to let kids get comfortable with loaded guns.
When guests come over, I will make it a routine to tell them to kick off their shoes and put their feet up,… I’ll offer each to take a look at my gun, handle it, check out the sites, etc. Every person who comes into my home will understand what a responsible gun owner I am.

Now, just so you know, I’m not the only one who thinks this is s a good idea. I’ve asked around with my pastor friends, and I’ve found that there are a lot of them that have come to appreciate my “more biblical” stance on loaded guns. We have had some great laughs about some of our favorite biblical heroes… do you think David hid his sling from his kids? Did Joshua lock up his sword? That’s just silly! It used to be, that in the church, loaded guns were a thing of caution, something to be feared, after all some people had been killed using firearms. But there is simply no biblical precedence for loaded guns being locked up. I’m part of a group of pastors that consider ourselves to be very “biblical” and therefore, we are dismissing the older guys, who simply don’t get it. Have people not read of the church fathers and saints throughout history who owned guns? I stand with them and with their practice of liberty!

Well, that’s all for now, I’m a busy pastor. I’m off to do a hospital visit… a dear friend of mine has been shot.



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