Taking Responsibility

As America sifts through the emotions and thoughts about the recent tragedies in Newtown CT, Portland, OR, and Aurora, CO, there is a mad scramble to attempt to affix blame. We want answers, we want solutions, and we wants someone to take the blame –or do we? The President has stated, that he will use the […]

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Abe Lincoln, F-Bombs, & 1974

Today I’m feeling like an old codger. Forgive me. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the latest Spielberg movie, “Lincoln.” I had commented while watching a preview a few days ago, that I anticipated that Hollyweird would mess with this American icon in some way, that’s what they do. Yesterday, I read this report from […]

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Signs O’ The Times

Last Sunday at C:A we talked about how Jesus rebuked the religious guys because they were not able to discern the signs of the times. I think the “signs of the times” is like reading headlines from news stories. If you were  to collect all of the headlines of current news stories, how would that […]

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