The Middle.

Art has a way of communicating a message -all the advertisers know that, but art also has a way of obscuring the truth of a matter -and all the advertisers know that as well. Jeep used Springsteen to sell us a vision of the middle. The middle, beautifully presented as a place where rhetoric dies […]

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Does Location Matter?

Like many of you, I was glad to hear that Kermit Gosnell was convicted on three counts of first degree murder today. If ever there was a case for the death penalty, I think his deserves no less. The jury’s finding however, leaves a nagging question about life and the practice of abortion. Does location […]

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This Land Is Your Land.

Like a lot of conservatives, this week’s election has left me kind of scratching my head. There are so many issues that divide our nation, and many of them were voted on Tuesday. I’d like to lay out what the American populace chose, the way I see it. It’s therapy for me, you will either […]

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